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'My Dog is a Sit Happens Dog' T-shirt. 

We love our new hoodies and we hope you do to! You guys have been asking for Sit Happens merch so we though we would start small and see what you think :). 

An epic small business named Northwest Printworks Limited keeps our trainers in the Sit Happens kit so it is only right that this business be the guys to create our merchandise. Because we are working with another small business (always good to support small business where you can) we will be doing bulk orders. If we post out to you there will be an additional delivery charge to cover this cost.




We will take everyone's orders send them to Brandon and then he will ship them to us. we can then either have them here at HQ for you to collect, have our trainers bring durring a session or we can post them to you. 

Our first order date is the 20th December. Your T-shirt will take a few weeks to be ready as Brandon orders the size of hoodie in and then prints. 

Matt is wearing a medium T-shirt 

'My Dog is a Sit Happens Dog' T-shirt

We will be bulk ordering from our supplier. Our first order date will be 20th December 2024
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