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Mentorship Program

Train with a trainer with 20 years of experience, work with real clients, work with a small business that has grown from a 1 man band to a what you see today.

What makes our mentorship program different to others? You actually get to train and work with our clients. You will work hands on with our stooge dogs and be guided step by step how to train real clients in the real world - real world training is what we do. That goes for our clients, and that goes for our trainers too. Learn how to train dogs, how to teach humans and how to think on your feet.

You will train and work with our head trainer and co owner Matt, as well as work alongside and have support from co owner and entrepreneur Emily (business & customer care is what she does).

We have 3 options of how you can work and learn with us; ‘Shadow Program’, ‘Mentorship & becoming a Trainer’, ‘Mentorship, becoming a Trainer and growing a Business’.

The link below has below has an in depth breakdown into what each package offers, costs and a look into who you are working with.


I learnt so much during my sessions shadowing Matt - he has so much valuable knowledge, that he breaks down in a way that is really easy to understand and learn from. On paper, the clients and their dogs were struggling with the exact same issues, however Matt explained why different training approaches were required, and how to implement them, due to the dogs (and owners) individual characters, behaviours and needs. 

It was really great to watch Matt run full sessions from a client's perspective, while having the opportunity to ask questions and learn from a trainer's perspective too. I would definitely recommend shadowing Matt if you want to build a strong understanding of dog behaviour and how to become a really successful trainer. Thank you so much Matt, and the rest of the Sit Happens team!

Lauren, Street Hearts BG, Rescue



Please complete the form to apply for a mentorship with us - we will have a telephone conversation and/or meet in person to make sure this is the right program for you.

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