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Train & Stay

We are the first and only facility in the UK to offer this revolutionary training program. Why choose our method over traditional residential training?

You Are Involved Every Step of the Way: Unlike residential programs, our training includes you in every session. This hands-on approach ensures that you understand and master the techniques, leading to lasting results and a stronger bond with your dog.

Training That Sticks: By being an active participant, you learn how to handle your dog in real-world situations. This comprehensive understanding is what makes our training so effective and enduring.

Explore Our Packages: Discover the transformative programs we offer below. Invest in a training experience that will make a lasting difference in your and your dog's life.

Have questions? We're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how our unique training can benefit you and your dog.

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My crazy life-loving excitable Vizla and I spent three days at Matt and Em’s Stay & Train program.  Having spent four years training Darcy, I needed “away from it all” time to focus on the remaining challenges re reactivity, in the hands of experts.  As soon as you arrive you are instantly filled with hope and the relief of being able to train in a judgement free zone.  It was essential to me that I was part of the training as Darcy needs to see me as the leader and we are a team.  We left with near perfect heel walking, a renewed confidence, hope and lots of tools to help us embed the training at home.  Matt and Em are living their purpose in life, and as a result give everything to their business and their clients. Their four dogs all play a role in Matt’s training which is a unique factor.  Whatever your needs are Matt will come up with a personalised plan to address – he genuinely wants all dogs to live their best life.  Huge thanks and look forward to seeing you next year to take Darcy’s training to the next level!

Jen & Darcy

Watch some of our dog's train & stay's journeys 

River - 

River, her mum & dad joined us for a 4 day train and stay. They travelled from Bristol, after their training with us they now enjoy walks in busy places, can walk their beautiful girl down the road past cars and are working with trainer close by to grow in their handling skills.

We have just come home from our residential stay with Matt and Em and we are beyond happy with the results.

Our boy is a 18 month old German shepherd who was extremely reactive to dogs and pulled so badly on the lead we couldn’t walk him anywhere. We have spent so much money on dog trainers but haven’t had hardly any results. We called and spoke to Matt who convinced us that we could trust them to help. We stayed for three days in Pheobe (who by the way is super cute) and the change in our baby is unbelievable. He can now walk to heel and his reactivity is so much better to the point where we can be confident going out and enjoying our family again ❤️

The best bit of this training by far is that you learn how to do everything step by step so that you are able to carry this on once you leave. Bear is by no means perfect with his reactivity but we know how to handle it and most importantly how to progress him through each stage until we get him reaction free!

We cannot thank you enough, you were both perfect hosts and even better trainers and you have given Bear his adventures back ❤️

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You can watch all of our Train & Stay training and our dogs journeys over on our Instagram home page on our highlight reels.   
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