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"Lay the right foundations and you can build anything."


Hi I'm Matt from Sit Happens Dog Training and I understand your frustration. Dogs are supposed to be a man and womans best friend and instead can seem like they are just trying to drive you INSANE! Ruin walks as well and making having guests over impossible!!! And forget about taking your dog to the pub!


Well my friends, I have created this course for you. 


In this course I will not only teach you how to do everything step by step... but I teach you how dogs really work, all the silly little errors we do all the time, as well as how to simply get your dog to listen to you!!

Buy this course, trust in me and I will NOT let you down. I even explain to you how you know to go to the next step in every single part of the training. All of it is completely guided in simple easy steps. Take a look at the introuction video and then get yourself going on your way to the ultimate dog!



What this course teaches you:

This course will allow you to go at your own pace. Throughout the 14 videos we will be working on the basic fundamentals for you, your family and your beloved dog to have a calmer and better understanding of each other. We will tackle those tricky issues such as "I know he know's his name so why isn't he listening to me on this walk". Sound familiar?

This course breaks down each training section so that it is easy and manageable for you to follow. Training should be fun and chilled right? This course is going to be something that both you and your dog end up loving doing together, what better way to bond with your dog than learning something new? 


Please find below a breakdown of each individual training video.

The Course Includes:

14 detailed training videos

1. Introduction to the course and your teacher, me, Matthew Sandland owner of Sit Happens Dog Training.

2. How to keep things simple – Dogs work best with a straight, clear, command, this video will show you how to implement this in your every day life. 

3. Consistency. Finding the right reward and the right correction for your dog.

4. Body Language and Voice Inflection - How our body language, and our voice work against us. Dogs work with body language and tone of voice more than the command itself. Let me show you how to work this in your favour

 5. YES! Reward - Clicker Training without a need for a clicker.

6. Name then Pay - Training your dog to respond to its name in any situation and not suddenly have selective hearing.

7. Simple Recall - Building a solid reliable recall. 

8. No - Teaching your dog what no means, to stop what it is doing without you having scream. 

9. Sit - Simple sit training for any dog.

10. Down - Teach any dog to lie down on command.

11. Stay - Build a solid stay/wait that you can trust.

12. Break command - To let your dog know when training is over.

13. The Greeting - When we need to calm things down and how to do it.

14. Walking - Stopping pulling on the lead once and for all!



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

Online Ultimate Foundation Course

£199.00 Regular Price
£69.65Sale Price
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